Sea Turtle saved by Salti and Crew

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We left at 3:30 on Saturday morning 23 January 2018 for a day’s fishing on the Alphard’s what a day.

Arriving at the bank we passed a long line buoy and on closer inspection found a Turtle entangled in the lines connected to the buoy with great difficulty we managed to free the turtle.

The poor creature was completely exhausted and it took quite some time for it to dive down and swim away.

During our day traveling to the 45’s we found another set of longline buoy’s and a school of young Dorado beneath it, fortunately, no creatures entangled in the lines.

The possible activity of longliners in the vicinity of the Alphard’s and 45’s is a chilling thought and we can only hope it is not so but still witnessing what these fishing methods can cause is frightening. Let’s hope the buoy’s drifted down with the warm Agulhas Current that brings warm water from the east coast of Africa.

We counted 23 turtle’s during the day and found them in an area where the max water temp was 25.3 deg C it was really amazing and never before have we witnessed this amount of turtle activity ever.

This was definitely the most remarkable day we have ever had on the banks see photos.

A day to remember.
Jacques van Niekerk
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